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Paperless Recorder, 6-12 channel with Display

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Monarch - DataChart 6000

Product Description


blue.gif (875  bytes) 6 or 12 universal inputs
blue.gif (875  bytes) Up to 4 pulse/frequency inputs
blue.gif (875  bytes) 6 or 12 relay outputs
blue.gif (875  bytes) Networkable using standard Ethernet port
blue.gif (875  bytes) 21 CFR part 11 compliant
blue.gif (875  bytes) IP65 rated front panel.
blue.gif (875  bytes) 24 Volt DC transmitter power supply
blue.gif (875  bytes) On Board Media Drives:  CompactFlash, USB memory stick or external drive, Smart Digital (SD)
blue.gif (875  bytes) Touch Screen Control
blue.gif (875  bytes) Direct on screen chart annotation with integral stylus
blue.gif (875  bytes) Infrared port
blue.gif (875  bytes) Built in OPC and web server.
blue.gif (875  bytes) Built in Email Client
blue.gif (875  bytes) Shallow installation depth (6.5")

User Interface and Control

The DC6000 utilizes a hig contrast 5.6 inch color Active Matrix TFT LCD dislay with a rugged touch screen. Use a finger or the onbard stylus, if you prefer, to perform data entry and system navigation. The front panel is also fully complant to IP65 for use in dusty or wet areas. An intuitive icon driven menu system guides the user through easy to follow setup and control screens. The Display builder feature makes setting up custom screens extremely simple. Design up to 50 custom displays conaining various combination of indicator types such as horizontal and vertical bar graphs, large and small digital indicators and horizontal or vertical trends. On-screen help is available throughout the menu system to assist you during setup and use.


Intuitive Menu System




Custom Designable Display Screens




Data Storage and Security  

When it comes to storing data, the DC6000 is extremely flexible. Data can be stored to the non-volatile internal flash RAM or any of the available storage drives including CompactFlash™ and USB provided there is media present. Programmable record start and stop times allow the user to start and stop recording at predetermined intervals.Data may also be stored to a remote PC via Ethernet using the optional Exhibitor Software. In addition, the built in OPC Server allows any OPC compliant software client to connect to, communicate with and retrieve data. The DC6000 utilizes many layers of security to protect the integrity of your stored data. All data is stored in an encrypted binary format which prevents data tampering and maximizes compression. The front access media door is lockable to prevent unauthorized access to the internal removable storage media. There are 3 levels of password protection to prevent unauthorized entry into critical recorder function menus. To ensure that data files are completely error free the DC6000 has a built-in rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery backup system that constantly monitors the incoming power source. In the event of a power loss or power dip, the DC6000 seamlessly switches over to the internal power and begins a safe and controlled system shutdown. When power is restored the recorder immediately returns to the last state of operation. This guarantees that data files will never be corrupted by unexpected power conditions.




21CFR Part 11  

The DC6000 is fully compliant with the requirements of 21CFR Part 11. This section of the Code of Federal Regulations sets forth the guidelines for handling all aspects of electronic data storage to ensure data is secure and accurate. The DC6000 provides a password management system that allows an administrator to set multiple unique user/password combinations and assign them to one of the 3 available access levels. Each users login password can be set to automatically expire to ensure passwords are regularly updated. The DC6000 also maintains a secure, time stamped audit trail to independently record the date and time of operator entries and actions that create, modify, or delete electronic records.






Recording Data  

Using the Record Setup menu, the user can select which channels to record, the sample storage rate, whether to record alarms and/or events, and the start/stop time and date for the record session. The location of the data file is selected in this menu along with the data file name. The user can also configure the unit to start or stop recording on an alarm level or an externally triggered input.






 Data Storage vs. Time Guide










1 Channel 








2 Channels 








4 Channels 








6 Channels 








12 Channels 








Record Rate








64 Meg 1 Gig 64 Meg 1 Gig 64 Meg 1 Gig 64 Meg 1 Gig 64 Meg 1 Gig









3.1 days 49.4 days 2.5 days 40.8 days 1.9 days 30.4 days 1.5 days 24.2 days 22.5 hours 15 days









6.2 days 246.9 days 5 days 81.6 days 3.8 days 60.8 days 3 days 48.4 days 1.8 days 30 days









30.8 days 1.3 years 25.5 days 1.1 years 19 days 303.9 days 15.1 days 241.8 days 9.4 days 150 days

10 Sec.








308 days 13.5 years 251 days 10.6 years 190 days 8 years 150 days 6.4 years 50 days 4.1 years

1 Min.








5.1 years 81.2 years 4.2 years 66 years 3.1 years 49.9 years 2.5 years 39.7 years 1.5 years 24.6 years

10 Min.








50.6 years 811.7 years 42 years 666 years 31 years 499 years 25 years 397 years 15 years 246 years




























Media Storage Locations

Front Accessible: (lockable) 
USB Host (for memory stick) 


Rear Accessible: 
USB Host


256 Meg Standard (larger sizes available)



Write Directly on the Screen

The innate feature of handwriting notes and comments on the chart of paper recorders had been lost with the onset of video graphic recorders until the arrival of the DC6000. Using the high-resolution touch screen interface and the integral stylus you can once again make notes or comments directly on the chart. This on-screen annotation is stored within the data file directory and can be recalled and displayed on the recorder or in Exhibitor Software.












Powerful Math Package 

The onboard math package is extremely powerful. It allows the user to input complex polynomial equations using constants, custom functions and variable inputs obtained from live channels. The resultant information can be displayed and recorded as a real time channel. Using the intuitive Calculated Channel Setup menu the user enters in the formula and can perform a test to make sure the formula is accurate.

































































































































































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