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Density Analyzer - Microwave

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Toshiba - LQ500

Product Description

The Toshiba LQ500 microwave analyzer measurement technique is based on the way solids affects the propagation of microwaves compared to all other ingredients in the pipe and thus the unit is solely specific to the percent solids in the pipe.

Microwave technology has no pressure drop in the line, no fouling or depleting sensors, no nuclear issues, and has very low maintenance.

The LQ500 has a linear output and is optimized to measure true percent total solids in your process, not pounds per hour.  Accordingly, very high accuracy measurement (Resolution: 0.001% Total Solids) and excellent closed loop control is easily implemente

  • Measures Density, Consistency, % Solids

  • 2” – 12” line sizes

  • Non-mechanical & Non-nuclear Device

  • Capable of a resolution Withinof Measurement

  • No sensors protruding into the process piping

  • Capable of measuring sludge density from 0 to 65% total solidsincluding suspended and dissolved solids

  • The unit is a low maintenance 100% totally electronic deviceIndependent of Flow Rate, Pressure, Bubbles, CoatingsSanitary Total Solids Meter

Municipal Applications:

  • Measuring “Black Sludge” density

  • Controlling digester efficiency

  • Determining total plant mass balances

  • Polymer addition

  • Control of thickener

Food & Beverage Applications:

  • Amount of Starch in Water

  • % Dairy Solids

  • % Malt extract for brewing

  • % Sugar concentration

  • % Water

Reference Materials

Application Note: Sludge Density Analyzer -  Knowing the sludge density or percent total solids is critical in a water or wastewater treatment facility. This AppNote describes an excellent on-line and real-time solution.

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