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To Ponder

Our Value to Customers

Clipper Controls provides a much needed service for our customers. Establishing and developing strong, long-term relationships with our customers is important. Our focus on teamwork ensures that our customers can get the assistance they need from any team member. Following are other benefits to our customers:

  • Clipper Controls does not add costs to our manufacturer’s products. We are not a middleman or intermediary. We are simply an outsourced sales force for our manufacturers.
  • Clipper Controls represents numerous Partners that manufacture a variety of different products. We are able to provide comprehensive solutions for their application challenges by drawing upon the assortment of products available through our manufacturers. This "one-stop shop" approach saves our customers time and money.
  • We have been serving the industrial customers in our territory of Northern California, Nevada and Hawaii since 1973. Because of our long-term familiarity with this territory, we have been able to establish a solid customer base. In addition, our sales associates have varied backgrounds and expertise, and are well versed in our product lines. This combination of knowledge and territory awareness, gives us tremendous advantages over a salesperson that represents only one company or product line.
  • Because of the close relationships we have cultivated with our manufacturing Partners, Clipper Controls can be a strong advocate when product design, delivery, or service issues arise. We typically have more influence with our manufacturers to facilitate results.
  • Clipper Controls provides many additional services designed to support our customers. These services include field training, startup assistance, project engineering, order tracking and expediting, and all other aspects of customer support needed to ensure repeat business.
  • Plus we are fun to work with and have cool stuff you need.