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TechTalk is our series of bulletins describing various technology subjects along with useful reference materials:

Dielectric Constant Values - Detailed listing of many products with their Dielectric Value

Pipe Dimensions - Useful to determine interal area for flow meter velocities

Flange Ratings - Pressure ratings for various flange sizes

FCC Rules for License Free Wireless - Know what is allowed

Magnetic Flowmeter Sizing - Aid to calculate the proper size flowmeter

Pressure Units Conversion Table - Great cross-reference tool

Surface Finishes - Common terms and cross-reference chart

Phonetic Alphabet - This is a great technique to reduce verbal communication errors

Application Notes and White Papers

Sludge Density Analyzer

Alarm Trips – The Ups and Downs Tutorial

Signal Interface Ins and Outs

Why Use Temperature Transmitters Instead of Direct Wiring?

Rules of Thumb for RTD's

Introduction to Fieldbus

Stormwater Monitoring Guide

Surface Water Monitoring Guide

Cool Stuff or Just for Fun

Obituary: Common Sense

Nautical Jokes

Useful Links

ASHRAE - American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers

CLFP - California League of Food Processors

FDA - United States of America Food and Drug Administration

ISA - International Society of Automation

ISPE - International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineering organization

MANA - The Manufacturer's Agents National Association

Norcal section of ISA - Northern California Section of ISA

SEMI – The Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International

WEF – Water Environment Federation

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