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Our Value to Manufacturers

Clipper Controls provides a much needed service for manufacturers.  Through our partnership, our manufacturers supply us with quality products and support, and we supply the following to the manufacturer:

  • We give a manufacturer a pre-determined fixed cost of sales tied directly to the goods shipped.
  • We are self-motivated. Since Clipper Controls works solely on commission, we have the most powerful incentive of all to do well for our principals and ourselves: the profit motive.
  • We provide local management to the manufacturer, regardless of where they are located. Clipper Controls is experienced, adept, and is the expert on our market. We know where business is and how to get it. Today, competition demands no less.
  • Through Clipper Controls, the manufacturer has a trained sales force in the field. While we may need some specific product training, we already know how to sell to our market. Its part of the package the manufacturer receives when an agreement is signed with us.
  • The manufacturer enjoys the benefit of immediate access to the market. Our salesmen are already in place. We have developed the business relationships. Conversely, it often takes months, even years of precious selling time, for a direct factory salesman to gain the same enviable position in the marketplace.
  • We assist with product marketing. Clipper Controls often provides input to our principals on market trends, product improvements, and customer feedback.
  • We are an outsourced field sales force, not a middleman or channel intermediary. We are your sales personnel in the territory, simply paid on a different basis – commissions, rather than salary plus incentive plus expenses.

Bullets paraphrased from an article in Agency Sales published by MANA.



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