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ADFM Hot-Tap Velocity Profiler

  • Insertion Pulsed Doppler Velocity Profiler
  • ADFM Hot Tap Velocity Profiler sensor
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Product Description

ADFM® Hot-Tap Velocity Profiler

Pulse-Doppler accuracy for full-pipe measurement

Teledyne ISCO's ADFM Hot-Tap Flow Meter provides precise and accurate flow rate measurement in full and pressurized pipe applications where the pipe diameter is 18" (460 mm) or greater. The Hot-Tap can be used in the difficult hydraulic conditions often found in force mains, siphons, process lines, and other full-pipe applications.

The ADFM Hot-Tap is a variant of the standard, open channel ADFM flow monitoring system. The Hot-Tap combines the widely used ADFM pulse Doppler velocity profiling technology with a unique sensor assembly suitable for insertion into full, operating pipes.

The Hot-Tap’s velocity profiling technology enables accurate flow rate measurement without the usual lengthy upstream and downstream straight-line conditions required by other technologies. It measures flow rate to within ±2% of actual flow rate in closed pipes, even in difficult applications such as installations near bends, short straight runs, near pumps, etc.

Installation is accomplished by inserting the sensor into an industry standard two-inch tap through the pipe wall. Installation is straight-forward and quick, providing easy access to the sensor for routine inspection and maintenance when needed. The Hot-Tap is constructed of robust materials insuring years of worry-free operation.

The Hot-Tap sensor uses standard ADFM electronics for data processing, collection, and storage. For customers already familiar with the standard ADFM system, operating the Hot-Tap system will be intuitively easy. All standard ADFM software, communication, and interface equipment are available for the Hot Tap.

Standard Features

  • Pulse Doppler velocity profiling technology
  • Quad-redundant velocity sensors in a single housing
  • Data quality verification information (signal strength and correlation)
  • In-situ calibration never required
  • Rugged, long lasting construction
  • Real-time data output


  • Wastewater collection systems
  • Combined sewer systems and outfalls
  • Wastewater treatment facilities
  • Irrigation canals and channels
  • Industrial process and discharges
  • Stormwater conveyance and outfalls

Options and Accessories

  • Industry standard communications protocol interfaces
  • Secondary pressure depth sensor

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