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Orifice Plates

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Product Description

Differential producers, specifically orifice plates, are used in flow measurement due to their simplicity, ease of installation, tolerance to extreme atmospheric and process conditions, and predictable and reliable performance. Orifice plates are the most common method of differential pressure flow measurement and are used in various industries, particularly in the hydrocarbon market.

Due to their long history and dominance in the field of flow measurement, orifice plate designs and installation requirements have been well documented by national and international standards organizations.


Wyatt Engineering orifice plates, flanges, and metering runs are used in a variety of applications where extremes of pressure, temperature, or the aggressive nature of the fluid being metered render other metering technologies unfeasible. Because of their reliability, low cost, and ease of
installation, Wyatt orifice products are commonly used as the differential
pressure device for the measurement of the flow of fluids, especially for clear
water, steam, air, and most gases.

Common installations include:

  • Natural Gas Transmission
  • Chemical and Pharmaceutical
  • Processing
  • Power Generation
  • Refinery and Petrochemical

Documented Accuracy

Unlike most providers of orifice products, Wyatt Engineering has extensive
flow calibration data that reflects experience and depth of knowledge.
Industry, national, and international codes can provide guidance to manufacturers, but only successful tests can assure the flow measurement results that are necessary in today’s market.

Wyatt Engineering also provides application guidance to support the proper
use of its equipment: Whether to use flange taps, corner taps, or pipe taps;
whether a metering run with a flow straightener is necessary; whether to use a
quadrant edge plate, or is another metering technology is required.

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