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The BULLET - WirelessHART

  • The BULLET WirelessHART Adapter
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Moore - The BULLET

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The BULLET® WirelessHART® Adapter by MACTek, and supplied by Moore Industries, enables new and existing wired smart HART field devices, non-smart analog field devices (i.e., 4-20mA) and remote HART I/O from any supplier to communicate with host applications using WirelessHART Technology.  Some of the unique features of The BULLET include:

*  Only Explosion-Proof adapter on market (Intrinsically Safe and General Purpose versions too)

*  Eight HART devices per BULLET

*  1 second update per device

*  235 meter distance between radios

*  Loop or DC/Battery powered

*  StepVolt Technology (patented) to optimize power and bandwidth

*  Antenna is integrated and flush with housing

*  Less expensive then a new transmitter with integrated WirelessHART


Add to existing wired HART-enabled devices to access valuable HART data and device diagnostics

Use when new measurements are needed but cost of wiring or time is prohibitive

Additional measurements by adding the BULLET® to “analog only” devices not connected to the control or asset monitoring systems

Control Valves - Upgrade control valves with smart positioners and the BULLET® to quickly and easily provide valve health and diagnostic data.  With control valves being one of the major maintenance expenses in most process applications, wiring cost to access control valve information can now be greatly reduced.  The information can be used as part of a predictive maintenance strategy to schedule work on only the valves that need it during a shut-down. This predictive strategy will reduce unscheduled plant shut downs and can reduce maintenance and shut down times.

Temperature Monitoring - combine a BULLET with a Moore Industries TCS - Smart HART Temperature Concentrator System and prepackaged in a R-BOX field-mount enclosure.  This system will allow you to send up to 16 temperature measurements and HART diagnostic and alarm information over one BULLET wireless data link.

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