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Fault Tolerant Fieldbus Wiring System

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Product Description

TRUNKSAFE TS Series Fault-Tolerant Fieldbus System

The TRUNKSAFE Fault-Tolerant Fieldbus System provides a cost-effective, yet highly reliable, strategy to maintain continuous communications between field devices and a Distributed Control System in the event of any single point failure (such as an open- or short-circuit) on a FOUNDATION fieldbus™ H1 or PROFIBUS PA segment.

The First Redundant Fieldbus Physical Layer

TRUNKSAFE is comprised of two redundant fieldbus DC power conditioners and specially-engineered device coupler (6- and 12-spur models) that, in combination, provide a secure, and redundant, fieldbus physical layer.

  • Implement a redundant, yet cost-effective, fieldbus physical layer for important and plant-critical segments.
  • Maintain all process and diagnostic communications without interruption, even if the network cable is broken or shorted.
  • Compatible with FOUNDATION fieldbus H1 and PROFIBUS PA networks and devices without hardware or software changes.
  • Advanced physical layer diagnostics monitor and report open- and short-circuits, DC power status and segment noise.
  • Electronic and fully auto-resetting spur short-circuit protection that prevents segment failure caused by single device faults.


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