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HART Interface Module

  • Moore HIM - HART Interface Module
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Moore - HIM

Product Description

Break out analog and discrete process, status and diagnostic signals from smart multivariable transmitters and valves; monitor critical and safety-related loops; prevent costly false shutdowns; and warn of unwanted process or instrument fault conditions.

Input: Accepts and "Reads" the HART Digital Protocol Signal that Rides on the 4-20mA Wires of a Smart HART Multivariable Transmitter or Valve

Output: "Break Out" Analog Signals Representing the Multivariable Transmitter's Primary, Second, Third or Fourth Variables, or Smart Valve Position and Status Parameters
Two or three 4-20mA Signals.  Optional Dual Relay Outputs Warn of Unwanted Process Conditions or Diagnostic Problems, High/Low Alarms (Failsafe or Non-Failsafe).  Two Redundant MODBUS RTU (RS-485) Data Links.  Digital Display Shows Process Status and Fault Messages

HIM HART Loop Monitor Combined with Fisher® FIELDVUE® DVC6000 Valve Controller Facilitates Partial Valve Stroke Testing

Moore Industries’ HIM HART Loop Monitor now has the ability to confirm that the Fisher® FIELDVUE® DVC6000 Series Digital Valve Controller is performing a partial valve stroke test to validate proper Emergency Shutdown (ESD) valve operation and, if the test has failed, to alert the user that the ESD valve is stuck. Partial valve stroke testing is an alternative to periodically testing critical ESD valves without completely stroking them, which normally means a disruptive process shutdown.

As part of its unique HART diagnostic data, the DVC6000 Digital Valve Controller sends digital information on the HART loop when a partial valve stroke test is in progress and if the ESD valve is stuck. Mounted transparently on the HART loop, the HIM continuously monitors the HART data from the DVC6000. When a valve stroke test is initiated, the HIM sends an alarm trip (relay) output to confirm that the test is in progress. Should the valve be stuck shut, the HIM initiates a second alarm to alert operator and maintenance personnel of the valve’s potentially dangerous condition.

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